Gu Shuhao
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    Machine translation, natural language processing

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2017-present Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D

2013-2017 University of Science and Technology of China, Bachelor of Science


[NAACL2021 oral] Shuhao Gu, Yang Feng Pruning-then-Expanding Model for Domain Adaptation of Neural Machine Translation

[ACL2021] Yang Feng, Shuhao Gu, Dengji Guo, Zhengxin Yang, Chenze Shao. Guiding teacher forcing with seer forcing for neural machine translation

[EMNLP2020] Shuhao Gu, Jinchao Zhang, Fandong Meng, Yang Feng, Wanying Xie, Jie Zhou, Dong Yu. Token-level Adaptive Training for Neural Machine Translation

[COLING2020] Shuhao Gu, Yang Feng Investigating Catastrophic Forgetting During Continual Training for Neural Machine Translation

[NAACL2019 oral] Shuhao Gu, Yang Feng, Qun Liu. Improving Domain Adaptation Translation with Domain Invariant and Specific Information

[NLPCC2019] Shuhao Gu, Yang Feng Improving multi-head attention with capsule networks

[ACL2021] Wanying Xie, Yang Feng, Shuhao Gu, Dong Yu. Importance-based neuron allocation for multilingual neural machine translation

[AAAI2020] Yang Feng, Wanying Xie, Shuhao Gu, Chenze Shao, Wen Zhang, Zhengxin Yang, Dong Yu. Modeling fluency and faithfulness for diverse neural machine translation

[EMNLP2019] Zhengxin Yang, Jinchao Zhang, Fandong Meng, Shuhao Gu, Yang Feng,Jie Zhou. Enhancing context modeling with a query-guided capsule network for document-level translation

Awards and Honors