Haibo Zhang (张海波)

Now I am an Algorithm Engineer of E-commerce Company AliBaBa, responsible for machine translation.

E-commerce Company Alibaba
Network of Trade Routes, NO.699
Binjiang district, Hangzhou, 310000, China

E-mail: zhanghaibo [at] ict [dot] ac [dot] cn


Education & Experience

Research Interests

My research focuses on natural language processing. Some topics of interest to me are:
  • Maximum Entropy Bracket Transition Grammar Machine Translation
  • Hierarchical Phrase-based Machine Translation
  • Translation Memory
  • Morphology Analysis
  • Language Detection


  • Haibo Zhang, Qiawu Cai, Wenbin Jiang, Yajuan Lv and Qun Liu. 2014. Joint Voice Harmony Restoration and Morphological Segmentation for Morphology Analysis. Journal of Chinese Information Processing 28(5):450-458.(Chinese, recommended from CCL 2014)[paper]
  • Haibo Zhang, Yajuan Lv, Wenbin Jiang, Zhiyang Wang and Qun Liu. 2013. Joint Voice Harmony Restoration and Morphological Segmentation for Uyghur Morphology Analysis. Conference on Fourteenth National Minority Language Processing 2013.(Chinese)[paper]
  • Haibo Zhang, Kai Liu, Yajuan Lv, Quecairang Hua and Qun Liu. 2012. A General Method for Minority Language and Encoding Identification. Conference on Fourth National Minority Youth in Natural Language Processing(MNLP) 2012.(Chinese)[paper]
  • Jinyi He, Hongying Chen, Wenbin Jiang, Haibo Zhang and Qun Liu. 2011. Latin-Uighur Spelling Check Based on Context. Journal of Computer Systems & Applications 20(12):60-63.(Chinese)[paper]
  • Haibo Zhang, Zulong Guo and Chao Dong. 2011. Implementation of the Sharing of Cultural Information Resources Based on Neural Network System. Journal of Computer Systems & Applications 20(2):57-61.(Chinese)[paper]
  • Zulong Guo, Haibo Zhang and Chao Dong. 2010. Design and Implementation of Information Management Systems Based on Linux System. Journal of Software Guide 9(8):115-117.(Chinese)[paper]


  • 2015 Translation Memory System. The system is applied in Machine Translation and Human Machine Translation.
  • 2014 Optimization of Machine Translation Decoder. The speed of new decoder is faster 5 times than old one. And now it's in service at Alibaba.
  • 2014 The Machine Translation System in English-Spanish. The system is applied in Alibaba and Aliexpress.
  • 2013 Morphology Analysis System. The system supports Korean,Uighur,Mongol.
  • 2013 China Workshop on Machine Translation Evaluation Contest(CWMT). I was responsible for system combination and Tibet-Chinese Translation System.
  • 2012 Website Construction. I was responsible for designing and building the website of research group.
  • 2011 Language Detection and Encode Recognition System. The system supported twelve languages and mainstream encodes.
  • 2010 Student Information Management System. I was responsible for designing the architecture.


  • UCAS Outstanding Student Award, 2014
  • Technology Transfer Award of NLP group, 2013
  • Second Prize of American Mathematics Contest in Modeling, 2010 and 2013
  • Civic-Minded Award of NLP group, 2012
  • CASC Scholarship, 2011
  • Chinese National Scholarship, 2008 2009 and 2010
  • SCU First Prize Scholarship, 2008 2009 and 2010
  • SCU Moral Education Scholarship of Zhongying Tang, 2008 2009 and 2010
  • SCU Outstanding Student Award, 2010
  • Top-100 Outstanding Individual Award of SCU, 2010
  • SCU Creative Talents Award, 2010
  • SCU Excellent Student Cadre, 2008 and 2009
  • First Prize of Sichuan Mathematics Contest in Modeling, 2009
  • Second Prize of "Red Flag Cup" Open Source Software Technology Competition, 2009
  • Outstanding Volunteer of Wenchuan earthquake, 2008


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