Hao Xiong

I am a Ph.D candidate in NLP Group at ICT, CAS, and my advisor is Prof. Qun Liu.

Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science
NO. 6 Kexueyuan South Road, Haidian District
P.O. Box 2704, Beijing, 100190, China

E-mail: xionghao at ict.ac.cn

I have spent three years in participating or organzing kinds of NLP evaluations, such as NIST MT, CoNLL, IWSLT, CWMT, CIPS, NTCIR and so on. The prominent results are NIST MT 3rd, IWSLT 1st.
But now I was beat by money and want to buy a SUV, so I join in the Torange Translation(Chengyi) Beijing Information Technology Limited Company as the General Manager Assistant. Meanwhile, I am also the CEO of JiangXi TEKETAIOU(pronounced ['tektail]) limited company, which mainly produced spinning and textile. Welcome for foreign trade and business negotiation.



Professional Services

  • ACL 2010, Secondary Reviewer
  • AMTA 2010, Secondary Reviewer
  • CLIA 2010, Secondary Reviewer
  • IWSLT 2010, Secondary Reviewer
  • YWCL 2010, Program Committee Member


  • Outstanding Student Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2010
  • Excellent Prize of Institute of Computing Technology BEWINNER COMMUNICATIONS(北纬通信) Award, 2009


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