Yang Feng£®∑Ž—ů£©

Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
NO. 6 Kexueyuan South Road, Haidian District
P.O. Box 2704, Beijing, 100190, China
(office) 86-10-62600562
fengyang [at] ict [dot] ac [dot] cn

About Me

  • I got my master's degree from Harbin Institute of Techonology in July, 2007 and started my doctoral study in Institute of Computing Techology, Chinese Academy of Sciences from September, 2007, advised by Prof. Qun Liu.

  • From Oct. 2010 to Jan, 2011, I was an intern in Microsoft Research Asia. My director mentor is Prof. Ming Zhou and my mentor is Dr. Dongdong Zhang.

  • My area of research is statistical machine translation, parsing and machine learning.

  • Publications


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